“Changing Global Consciousness One Mind at a Time!”

Mrs. Pierrette Rudd

First Lady & CEO

As the primary senior adviser, Mrs. Pierrette Rudd has a passion for operating successful spiritual truth centers in multiple states under CCAC. She is very excited about the transitions that are happening within and outside the walls of CCAC. She is proud to be on board and looks forward to assisting the growth of CCAC today and in years to come. 



Chief Apostle

D. DeWayne Rudd, Sr., 

Prophet & Spiritual Truth Teacher


Chief Apostle Rudd’s responsibilities are teaching and leading the students at CCAC into an awareness of self and the I AM Presence. Chief Apostle has been teaching spiritual truths since the age of 6. He knows first hand how the spirit operates and functions from earthly and spiritual perspectives. Chief Apostle has a degree from Hebrew University and other well established Theological Institutes. However, he does not boast in these accomplishments because he knows the power to do and be comes from within. He is passionate about teaching global and local students, friends and visitors of CCAC about Christ Conscious Awareness.