CCAC Disciples Daily AM & PM Prayer & Meditation

Chief Apostle D. DeWayne Rudd – Spiritual Truth Teacher

First Lady Pierrette Rudd – CEO
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Disciples Daily Prayer Rhoda Conference 2017

Today is another day of thanksgiving and gratitude! It is another day that will bring forth for me everything I want, need, and desire. I begin this day expressing gratitude for everything I have created and for everyone who is now attributing to the expansion of my soul.


  • Thank you spirit for my health.
  • Thank you spirit for my wealth.
  • Thank you spirit for my relationships.
  • Thank you spirit the miracles that are now manifesting in my life.
  • Thank you spirit for every person in my life whether their role is to play an evil character or a good character.
  • Thank you spirit for my Spiritual Teachers – Chief Apostle Rudd & First Lady Pierrette Rudd.


I accept absolute responsibility and total accountability for my life. I am the only creator of my life experience. I agree with the Scripture when it implies that people bless themselves and curse themselves in the earth.


  • I bless or curse my life with every thought I think.
  • I bless or curse my life with every feeling I allow.
  • I bless or curse my life with every imagination I entertain.
  • I bless or curse my life with every word I speak.
  • I bless or curse my life with every decision I make.
  • I bless or curse my life with every action I take.


I understand that Jesus is my Elder Brother, my Supreme Example of the highest level of earthly spirituality, and my Chief Shepherd. As my Supreme Example of Spirituality I accept the simple instructions about HOW TO PRAY or HOW TO MEDITATE or HOW TO CREATE (for they are all referring to the exact same formula) that he left for me to follow in Luke 11 and Matthew 6.


Jesus taught me 8 Principles that should be the foundation of my daily prayer, meditation, or creation.


And they are:


  1. Our Father in Heaven. The One True God of unconditional love is the Creator of everything and everyone. In fact, everything and everyone is a physical manifestation of the One True God. I am a measure of all that God is in whole. Whatever God is……I AM. God is my Father or my measure of spirit residing in me. Spirit in me is my provision, my protection, and my preservation. Therefore, I am always expressing gratitude for provision, protection, and preservation that always shows up for me whenever I need it, want it, or desire it!

Thank you

Thank you

Thank you

  1. Hallowed be thy name. Name means identity. Hallowed means to respect, honor, or adore. The identity of Father is the inner spirit present in me. Spirit is my true identity. Soul is the technology I use to create my world. My physical body allows me to experience whatever and whomever I create. I respect my inner spirit by obeying any wisdom it offers me. I honor my inner spirit by communing with it everyday. I adore my inner spirit by recognizing that it is the doer, my soul is the thinker, the decider, & the feeler, and my physical body is the experiencer of everything that happens in my life.
  2. Thy kingdom come. The word kingdom refers to what someone is or to what something is and where that something or someone is located. My inner spirit is my kingdom or my creative power and it is located in me. My kingdom is the power of my spirit and the nature of my spirit.

What is my true nature?

  • My true nature is love. I love everything and everyone unconditionally.
  • My true nature is peace. Rather than worrying or becoming fearful; I choose to believe that I can change anything I have created.
  • My true nature is patience. I am willing to patiently wait for perfect divine timing.
  • My true nature is kindness. I am kind to everyone and to everything no matter what their behavior is.
  • My true nature is goodness. I always choose good over evil.

I choose only those relationships that are ordained for my life. I reject adultery.

I choose to enjoy sexual pleasure within the context of covenant. I reject fornication.

I choose to stay in control in every situation. I reject lasciviousness.

I choose to always make my spiritual life priority. I reject idolatry.

I choose to be who I am and to allow others to be who they are without judgment. I reject witchcraft.

I choose to love everyone unconditionally regardless of their race. I reject hate.

I choose to accept everyone unconditionally regardless of their differences. I reject variance.

I choose to be me. I understand my own uniqueness. I embrace ME. I reject emulation.

I choose to allow the law of karma to respond to every person who attempts to hurt me. I reject wrath.

I choose to quickly resolve any conflict that arises in my relationships. I reject strife.

I choose to always submit to and obey the spiritual instructions those in spiritual authority and I will submit to any and all civic laws of those in political authority; as long as those laws don’t compromise my position in love. I reject sedition.

I choose to believe in all truths that agree with my inner spirit. I reject heresy.

I choose to believe that God doesn’t show partiality; therefore, anything that anyone else has created, so can I. I reject envy.

I choose to not speak, think, feel, imagine, decide, or to do anything to any person that is negative. I will not make myself the Lord of Death in any situation. I reject murder.

I choose to stay free. I will not allow myself to become addicted to anyone or anything. I always maintain balance. I reject drunkenness.

I choose to exist in environments that elevate my consciousness, increase my vibration, and transform my character. I reject revellings.

What is my true power?

My true power is wisdom. My spirit is giving me the wisdom I request.

My true power is knowledge. My spirit is giving me the knowledge I need.

My true power is faith. My spirit is supplying me with the faith that is required to manifest what I want.

My true power is healing. My spirit is me healing myself.

My true power is working miracles. My spirit is working miracles in my life right now.

My true power is prophecy. My spirit knows the perfect future for me.

My true power is discernment. My spirit is discerning every person in my space.

My true power is communication. My spirit is giving me the ability to communicate with any person in my space.

My true power is interpretation. My spirit is interpreting, giving clarity, and explaining in simple terms everything that happens in my world.

  • My true nature is faithfulness. I am faithful to my promises and to every covenant I have committed myself to. I will swear to my own hurt and change not!
  • My true nature is meekness. I am allowing everything that happens in my life and everyone in my space to teach me who I am, what to do, and what not to do.
  • My true nature is temperance. I am totally in control of what I think, say, feel, imagine, decide and do. I refuse to allow anyone or anything to control my soul.

How does the kingdom in me come forth?

  • Thought brings this kingdom forth.
  • Words bring this kingdom forth.
  • Emotions bring this kingdom forth.
  • Imaginations bring this kingdom forth.
  • Decisions bring this kingdom forth.
  • Actions bring this kingdom forth.
  1. Thy will be done on earth as it exists in heaven. The will in my heaven is the will that I establish in my mind. Earth refers to my circumstances and heaven refers to my mind. The will in my mind (heaven) is the only will that can be carried out in my earth (circumstances). ONLY WHAT I WILL CAN HAPPEN IN MY LIFE! God’s will is God allowing my will to be executed in my life. But like Jesus; I submit my will to the will of my inner spirit!
  2. Give us day by day our daily bread. Bread is my sustenance. Bread represents what I need to live on in this world. Daily requesting bread with thanksgiving preserves it in my life and causes my bread to expand, increase, and to multiply.

Thank you for my Spiritual Teachers.

Thank you for my transportation.

Thank you for my residence.

Thank you for my clothes.

Thank you for food, water, and other delicious and nutritious supplements that sustain my body.

Thank you for the health of my physical body.

Thank for my longevity.

Thank you for my favor.

  1. Forgive us as we forgive others. Forgiveness is a spiritual essential for manifestation in my life. Forgiveness is never about GOD FORGIVING ME! I know that God never holds any of my trespasses against me (2Cor.5:19); so I must learn to forgive myself and to forgive others.
  • Forgiveness is me confronting the wrong others have done in my life – Lk.17:1, 3
  • Forgiveness is not allowing conflicts to remain unresolved – Eph.4:26.
  • Forgiveness is deciding whether to restore the person or to remove them from my presence – Gal.6:1, Rom.12:18
  • Forgiveness is knowing when to say good-bye – Acts 15:39.
  • Forgiveness is knowing when not to confront the person – Pro.22:24.
  • Forgiveness is not taking revenge for anything they have done to me – Rom.12:19.
  • Forgiveness is obeying my spirit relative to this person – John 2:5, Rom.12:20.
  • Forgiveness is learning to not mention the incident again – Jer.23:36.
  • Forgiveness is not thinking evil of them, not speaking evil of them, not imagining evil for them, not feeling evil toward them, not deciding evil against them, and not doing evil to them.

My spirit will not allow me to think evil of anyone who has wronged me.

My spirit will not allow me to speak evil of anyone who has wronged me.

My spirit will not allow me to imagine evil for anyone who has wronged me.

My spirit will not allow me to feel evil for anyone who has wronged me.

My spirit will not allow me to make evil decisions for anyone who has wronged me.

My spirit will not allow me to commit an evil act toward any person who has wronged me.

  1. Lead us not into temptation but deliver us from evil. Prayer exempts me from temptation and evil because it pre-paves my future. Temptation is anything that places irresistible pressure upon my flesh! Evil is anything or anyone that is vibrating on a lower frequency than I am. I am separating myself from all lower vibrational frequency. I cannot walk with anyone who doesn’t agree with my spiritual beliefs.

My spirit is leading me away from anyone that is unwilling to raise their consciousness to my level.

My spirit is also delivering me from participating in any circumstance that doesn’t match my vibrational frequency.

Because I stay in the secret place of my mind believing that I am always safe and secure I am always protected by my inner spirit.

My spirit is my refuge and my fortress.

I trust my spirit at all times and in all places.

Surely my spirit will deliver me from any trap or contagious disease.

Spirit will transform itself into an Angel in order to provide, protect, and to preserve me.

Because my inner spirit is my protector I am not afraid of anything or anyone.

The evil that is happening to others cannot happen to me because I don’t believe what they believe neither can I experience what they are experiencing.

Because my inner spirit is my refuge and my habitat no evil can happen to me and no plague can come near me.

Everywhere I am angels protect me. They prevent anything from happening that may cause me injury, inconvenience, or insult.

Because I have made my inner self my priority and because I know that I am it and It is me…….It will deliver me, promote me, elevate me, and increase me financially.

When I call for my spirit it will answer me. It will be with me in trouble. It will always deliver me, honor me, give me long life, and satisfy me with anything I want or desire.

For the rest of my existence in this world my spirit when demonstrate for me manifestation, salvation, and creation!

  1. For thine is the kingdom, the power, and the glory! (Mt.6:13)

The kingdom within me is the only power I am using to create my glory or my manifestation. This power is activated by my thoughts, my words, my emotions, my imaginations, my decisions, and my actions. This power is supreme, it is omnipotent, it is more powerful than anything or anyone who may wage war against me. This power in me is creating all of my wealth, my health, my income, my relationships, and my destiny.

This creative power in me has created my past, it is creating my present, and it is creating my future even as I am using it right now.



Everything that I have stated today is already beginning to happen in my life RIGHT NOW.

I AM increasing spiritually more and more and more.

I am using my inner nature to respond to all relationships in my life.

I am using my inner power to manifest whatever is needed, wanted, or desired.

I am also using my inner power to remove from my life anything or anyone who is not conducive to my overall spiritual expansion.

My body is healed right now.

My finances are increasing right now.

Everywhere I go I am experiencing divine grace, supernatural goodness, and unimaginable mercy.

People love me, they adore me, they bend over backwards to assist me, and they always give me preferential treatment.

Right now unprecedented miracles are happening for me and to me.

Special people always enter my life to bless me financially and with incredible material resources.

Supernatural magic and special manifestations are happening FOR ME everywhere I go.

My physical youth is being renewed right now.

I am a major blessing everywhere I go.

I am attracting everyone I need and everything I deserve.

Everyday in every way my life is getting better and better and better!


Amen and So be it!